Greetings from Institute of Human Culture Studies

The Institute  of Human Culture Studies (IHCS), Otsuma Women’s University was first founded in 1981 as the Institute of Human Living Sciences of Otsuma Women’s University . Its director was Takasaburo Naito, who was then president of Otsuma Women’s University and two years prior, Minister of Education of Japan. The goal of the Institute was to establish a foundational organization for research and education and to carry out in Eastern Japan the first doctoral programs in Human Living Science.

Before long, the Institute developed to comprise of four full-time professors, five assistants, and four research divisions, and became the leading organization for research and graduate school education at the university. To adapt to changing times, the Institute was reorganized and relaunched in 2008 as the Institute of Human Culture Studies, Otsuma Women’s University .

While the original Institute focused on the natural sciences, the new Institute expanded its scope to include all facets of its focus on ‘The Study of Human Living’. And in contrast to its former emphasis on research activities conducted within the different departments of the Institute, the new Institute concentrates on promoting collaboration and cooperation between researchers at the university, conducting activities to help researchers obtain outside funding, and reporting the results of their research to the public.

Recently the Ministry of Education has recommended that universities implement a University Research Administrator  system. While schools adhering to this system have begun to appear, the Institute is committed to serving this role for the University.

‘Research’ holds an equally important position as ‘education’ at Otsuma Women’s University, and the Institute will continue to be an organization that supports ever greater advancements in research.

We are grateful for your support for the Institute of Human Culture Studies, Otsuma Women’s University.


Institute of Human Culture Studies
Otsuma Women’s University